Gluten and babies, and how the two may be related.

As you may, or may not, recall… hubbie and I were told we wouldn’t have kids (Or didn’t I share that?) – anyhoo… nutshell is – we were referred to a fertility clinic after a 3 years of trying to provide Bean with a sibling.

Something she has wanting for two years…

… the fertility clinic was one of the coldest, emptiest places and experiences I’ve ever been through.
Colder even, than a US-Canada border crossing (“Serious faces, this is a place of seriousness, not fun!”)

After tests and more tests, after Dr A *FAILING* to spot my wonky bloodwork (praise be to Dr G for helping with THAT one), we were “diagnosed” with “Idiopathic Secondary Infertility” … and after telling us bluntly that we didn’t have a chance of conceiving on our own, he pushed forward a price list for his IUI and IVF services.


No going over our bunny making history? No checking that we were ACTUALLY hitting the correct time of the month (seeing as my cycle is longer than average), no looking at nutrients, supplements, accupuncture, SOMETHING!!!!


He is in the business of making money, and he’d like to make some money.

Weeping quietly back to the car, we made a pact.

We would try for 3 more months “on our own” … and then we’d try one or 2 of Dr A’s turkey baster treatments – and then we’d call it time.
We could get a dog, and save up for a Disney Cruise.

That was in November.

In December, Dr G (after reviewing my bloodwork and my results after using supplements) asks me to try cutting back on gluten
He has this theory that I have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Yes, I’ve been told I have IBS – but – I don’t have the gut ache etc etc normally associated with Celiac – so he’s sure I’m not that.
He explains it to me this way:
When I have gluten, my body freaks out and my immune system attacks the places where gluten is – my gut .
This kills the finger like lining to my gut and therefore I’m unable to absorb any nutrients from my food. I’m malnourished. This is why I’m anaemic, have no folic acid, and haemoglobin is scary, dangerously, low.
THIS makes sense.
When I eat gluten – my body kills the lining of my intestine – this is why taking supplements didn’t work.

So… I went gluten free.

Did you know that a gluten sensitivity can also cause infertility?

“In people who are sensitive to gluten, the body actually attacks the lining of the intestine, damaging the gut wall and causing pain, diarrhea, constipation, and mal absorption of nutrients. The main problem with gluten intolerance or gluten allergies is that their can be a very long list of very different things – and not all of them are specific to the gut.
Abdominal pain
Ear Infections (especially chronic infections in small children)
Eczema or chronic skin irritation
Bloating and Gas
Depression and Anxiety
Diarrhea and constipation
Fatigue and weakness
Infertility and multiple miscarriage
Aching joints or overall body soreness
Weight Loss (unexplained)”


So… December, I started the gluten free journey.
In January… life went on.
In February… I started freaking out. I was late.


…. wait.



… let’s wait another week.

… OK.



I’m fcukin’ late.

I pee’d on a stick.

I’m knocked up.

I’m fcukin’ pregnant, yo.

Oh shit….

… here comes the panic….

…. oh my god… I’m pregnant… and I’m 40 this year… and we just got our life in order… we were ready to give up… we were half out of the door… oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god….

… can we really do this?

… wait.

We may have no option… I’m 40… I’m old. Holy crap, I could lose the baby!

Oh god. Something could be wrong.

*ALL* of these thoughts seemed to happen in a timescale of about…. oh… 4.6 seconds.

So… I registered with the KW midwives, and met with the lovely Mina, and we started the genetic testing.

So far… so good… *touchwood* (as it were).

Sprout (seemed fitting, we have a “Bean”) was a twin – Twin’s little heart gave out… but Sprout is still with us. Sprout is due at the end of October.

We wanted to wait to break the news to Bean – as much as she wants a sibling – I do NOT want her to experience loss again – ESPECIALLY – as she still misses Toby, her grangran, and now – Jo the cat (RIP Jo).

So… we waited.

Last night, after my anatomy scan – I picked up a “BIG SISTER” shirt, and watched as she sounded out the letters, and read the words.
And then…

The penny dropped.

*SHE* is going to be a big sister.

She’s quite excited. Giddy would be the right word.
… and full of chatter about how helpful she’s going to be – “I’m going to put baby brudda to bed”, “I’m going to feed baby brudda” … 🙂


Sprout is now the size of a banana from head to tooshie…

… and it’s a boy.

blue cupcake face



Mornings like this…

… make me want to run away to that farm I wish to buy. Homeschool my kid. Leave society behind.

Another morning of drying Bean’s tears and trying to reassure her that school IS fun, and she should want to go. Go, see her friends. Have fun. Get messy. Learn lots, and have a fabulous day. 

But we have a bully problem, and one in which I’m becomingly increasingly frustrated with the school’s lack of response.
Today I feel I need to put something out there in the universe to mark the fact that my DD is being bullied, and how the school seems powerless to do anything. 
Initially, in JK, they complained that DD wasn’t using her words to resolve issues herself – so we coached her to say “NO THANK YOU!” and let people know, stand up for herself, and “use her words”. 
But nothing changed. 
We have involved the bus company, the school, the boy’s parents… and to no avail. We’ll perhaps bear witness to 2-3 weeks of good behaviour – and then it’s like he can’t help himself. He goes back to hurting my daughter. 

This year, in SK – still only 5 years old – he escalated to punching her in the playground. He’s snatched hats from her head and ripped them, he’s broken 3 headbands of hers, and ripped the ears from knitted bunny mitts. She’s come home with scratches, bruises, and destroyed personal property. We worry about the other signals that this is sending – other bullies could see DD as “weak” and pick on her too… this has to stop.

All in all, this has been ongoing for over a year.

Yesterday, as she was trying to get to her seat on the school bus, he was kicking her in the legs as she waited in the aisle. 

There has been other bullies inbetween times – one threatened to steal Bean’s backpack and boots, Bean’s words went unheard – for 2 weeks – until SHE got into trouble for sitting on her backpack on the bus. She tried to explain it was because BullyGirl was threatening/trying to steal her stuff – but noone listened. Until she finally told me – one angry note to the school, a phone-call from them, and it was as resolved as it well as it could be. Noone apologised to Bean. Infact, Bean was again criticised for the sitting on the bag incident. 

Other incidents involving the school bus (and BullyBoy) were “resolved” by segregating Bean from her friends and making her sit at the front of the bus. 
Way to go. 
Now my child feels punished for standing up for herself. 
Again, noone apologised to Bean. 

Another incident involved more than her, and other kindie kids on the bus – older grade school aged kids were crawling UNDER THE SEATS and stealing the little kids’ boots and shoes. Those kids were suspended from the bus. So the school CAN do something… but what must it take?  

I used to try and involve the mother – but she laughed off my complaints: “Boys will be boys”, “He does it because he likes her”, “he’s attracted to her red hair”. I wanted to slowclap and congratulate her on raising a future rapist. If he’s already ignoring a girl when she says “NO!!!” at 5 years old, it bodes well for his future – and I already sympathise with his victims.
I used to ask that the damaged property be replaced – it took MONTHS for one of the headbands to be replaced – by a far substandard product. It wasn’t even remotely similar. 
The treasured hat from DisneyWorld that her Grangran bought her? It’s irreplaceable. 
… and now we have to start making sure that Bean doesn’t wear anything that may illicite an attack from BullyBoy. No headbands, hair accessories, no fancy hats or gloves. 
Isn’t it ridiculous that we can’t let Bean wear what she wants to school? That we have to make sure that she won’t be attracting unwanted attention from BullyBoy?
SHE’S FIVE!!!!! 
… and yet he? He gets to do what he likes. 

And I don’t care that BullyBoy is the youngest of three boys. I’m sure it’s all “survival of the fittest” at home – but it’s no excuse for hurting his “friends”. 

I want this to stop. I want my daughter to feel safe when she goes to school. I want her to feel that her words are listened to and valued, and not ignored. I have always taught her that outside of her home, she can trust policemen and women (and other emergency service persons), and teachers. 
The latter? Is not ringing true. 

I dream of a hobby farm… with lush green grass…

But I think my DD is against me… 

“Why don’t we move house?”, I asked.

“But I like this house”, said Bean. 

“We could live in a house in the country” I replied “with chickens and a goat and plant vegetables”.

“I don’t want that.”

“Oh” remarked I.

Bean said “That sounds like a farm”.

“What would so wrong with that?”

… “I don’t like farms”

“Of course you like farms! You love animals!!!”

… “I only like horses and dragons”

“We could keep dragons!”

… “No, dragons need to live way high up near the sky”

“I’ll build it a treehouse”

… “No… dragons needs to lay them eggs”

“The treehouse will be like a giant nest, and they can lay their eggs in it, and keep them cosy until they hatch”


… at this, there is a pause. A dramatic pause… Bean eyeballs me “No Momma!!!” she says, exasperated “BIRDS build nests, not dragons”.

… “Oh… so you’re saying no living on a farm?”

Bean sighs… 😛

I think I have my work cut out for me… 😉



The Great Disney Adventure – Part 5

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The Great Disney Adventure – Part 4

Disney – Day 4 – Downtown Disney


… our so-called “day off”. 
Day off from walking, and trudging, and stuff. 
A day of shopping and perhaps minigolf and swimming. 


Well. We DID shop… initially it was quiet, but then we fell into the store that houses the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique – ZOO!!!!!!! Tiny princesses everywhere!!!! … and we lost Scott more times than not. 
But we had gifts to buy a certain little birthday girl 😀 😀
It was also the ONLY day that Bean needed a stroller. Within 30 mins of arriving she said her legs hurt too much and could she sit. 
For $15 – we got a stroller. And it came in handy when Mum and I were shopping for Bean’s birthday gifts! Scott could steer Bean out of site, and with her sitting – she wasn’t able to peep inside our bags 🙂 

Not a lot to tell about this day, as it really was mostly shopping – a late lunch at T-Rex (great in theory – don’t think we’d go back… too noisy – for us grownups – and the wonky lighting in our area (ice) made the food look unappetising – none of us finished our meals), and then plans to go up in the balloon “Characters in Flight” – this was going to be the closest I ever get to a real hot air balloon… 🙂 I was going to DO this. 

… and I bailed. 


… 3 LARGE glasses of sweetened ice tea, lunch, and getting vertigo from staring UP at the tethered balloon – wobbling and swaying in the wind – turned my stomach and my resolve. 
I couldn’t. 
I couldn’t do it. 

So I let Mum, Scott, and Bean go up. I couldn’t even watch… so much vertigo. 

Seemingly – they had a great time 😀 😀 
… but even Scott knew that I wouldn’t have handled it up there with the amount of movement. 

… so after the balloon, we wandered along to Disney Quest end, and took the wee boat BACK to the beginning so we could get the bus back. 

YEAH!!! Our CHILLED room… 🙂 hehehehehe. 
… and some swimming pool time. 

No minigolf. No time!!! and we were pooped. 

The Great Disney Adventure – Part 3

Disney – Day 3 – Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom, I read online, is easily done in one day – because it offers “less attractions”.
When I studied the map before we left, I was checking off attractions left, right, and centre.
… really? This can be done in ONE day when the park closes at 5pm? (Yah, INORITE – 5pm!!!)

… The short and sweet answer is….

NO! <<< If you want to learn about the animals, and hit up both kid and grown up attractions. 

Which is what our aim was.
I had 3 fastpass reservations made in advance – Kali River Rapids, Everest, and the Festival of the Lion King.
Character stalking wasn’t as important on this park, as there isn’t as many to stalk – but!!! We also wanted to hit up Dinoland, and I wanted to see the Tree of Life/Discovery Island trails, the Safari, the Finding Nemo show… and … and… and…

It didn’t happen.

HOWEVER. I do feel like we hit up the main attractions.
First up was Everest – TWICE 🙂 … Hoorah for the rider swap. All 4 went in, and only 2 at a time rode, as 1 waited with Bean.
Everest was fabulous 🙂 LOVED it. I *MAY* have cackled myself hoarse as I was the one who rode it twice.

Then we wandered round to the Kali River Rapids – expecting to get soaked – but didn’t. Given how hot it was? I’d have appreciated it – BUT! our feet DID get wet, so that was a small reprieve.  Bean? Was VERY disappointed. She wanted to get SOAKED.
It was a good ride though – very fun – and again I wonder “Do people “get” the story?” …

After the rapids we began our quest for some ice. NOONE would give us just ice to put in our water bottles. I was flabbergasted. My gast, was flabbered. It was damn hot.

ANYHOO!!!… we stopped for a snack at Drinkwallah (who wouldn’t give us ice) … and then it was off to the Kilimanjaro Safari – it was nice – despite the peanut gallery infront of us who knew nothing about animals and were, at times, louder than the driver. The driver WAS knowledgeable, and cute 🙂 His overacting on the bridge was funny 😀 No lions though, but we did see ostrich, rhino (and calf), hippos, elephants, crocs, giraffe (and youngster)… it was good 😀
Then it was down to the Lion King show – I wasn’t sure what Bean would make of this – but I was hopeful – because ONE DAY I want to go as a family to see Cirque du soliel.
Bean – LOVED it.
*PHEW* She clapped and danced and was engrossed that whole time.
As we exited – we realised that we were near the meet & greet spots for some characters…. so we dashed over to meet Chip & Dale, and although the castmember JUST closed the gate for Donald – they let us up anyway. THANK YOU!!!! 😀 😀
I think Chip & Dale are Bean’s new best pals. She ADORED them… and as far as we could tell… they enjoyed her too. We didn’t feel rushed, and they were the ONLY characters to personalise their autographs “Bean we *heart* you, Love from Chip and Dale”
NAW :’-) ❤

Bean is STILL tickled pink that Donald signed her book “Donald Duck #1” … “He’s not number one… he’s number 2!!!” 🙂

Bean had ONE last quest – she wanted Minnie and Mickey’s autographs, so we headed to the Adventurer’s Outpost to find Mickey & Minnie – they were shutting up shop. It was parade time.

AW FUDGE. We’re not going to get Mickey’s signature.

There’s a parade? FUDGE! We had NO idea. Bwahahahahahahaha.

So, yah… the awesome castmember said “Stand RIGHT there to watch the parade, and we’ll sneak you in when it’s over – the parade ends right here, and Mickey & Minnie will be inside”.
So we had a great spot for the parade – which was nice!

Bean was OVERJOYED when Minnie Mouse pointed at her and blew her a kiss – she was smitten when Timon came and hi-5’d her (“He knows me!” – from the Lion King show)  – she was surprised when castmembers (upon spotting her birthday badge) shouted at her “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” and waved, even her new best pals came to hug her 🙂 (Chip & Dale) – no doubt it was probably different guys – but given that we just saw them – Bean was a believer. “They know me too!!!” She was so wrapped up in the magic. THIS is what we came for. To see my little girl blown away; believing in things bigger than her, literally.
It was a good parade.
… and true to her word, the cast member let only 10 or so families in for a Mickey and Minnie meet & greet. Bean was dancing with excitement. She couldn’t WAIT to show Mickey and Minnie her book – “Him need to see what Donald wrote. Donald isn’t number one. That pesky duck” … she was so hilariously cute and indignant.

It was nice timing, as we had reservations a 4:45pm for Yak & Yeti restaurant.
I had the honey chicken, Mum and Scott the Mahi-Mahi special (cute story, Mum didn’t know it was fish 😀 ) … and Bean had the egg roll 🙂

Very tasty.

When we finished our meal it was after the park was closed, so we had a lovely leisurely stroll back to the bus stops – then back to the hotel for some down time in our chilled room 😉 and at the pool.

A grand day out, although rushed in parts… we were disappointed that we didn’t get to over half of the things we wanted to see.
If we go back to WDW? We’d drop Epcot, and spend the extra day at the Animal Kingdom. There is so much to see and do.

The Great Disney Adventure – Part 2

Disney – Day 2 – Magic Kingdom and the Arrival of Grangran

We woke when we woke… no alarms… no schedule… and made our way in to the resort centre for breakfast.
We thought that it was busy the previous day for late lunch? O_O

We muddle through, again having to ask castmembers if we were “doing it” correctly… we did. Scott got the World of Flavours breakfast platter, I got the Breakfast Sandwich (hhmmm …. naan at breakfast)… and Bean went for the character waffles with fruit and bacon.


… we head out for a bus, and truck on down to the Magic Kingdom.
In my head… I had this GLORIOUS tear jerking moment when we would enter Main St, look at the Castle and just hold hands – or something equally cheesy, eyes moist with happy tears.
The reality was – it didn’t happen.
We walked up to the bag search with all the other cattle, and through to the ticket point – scanned our passes, left our fingerprints, and followed the masses into the park.
… the amount of people overwhelmed me. I didn’t expect so many – naive, yes, but still.

We walked around and positioned ourselves on Main St, and I nudged Bean – “Look! It’s the Castle”

… Bean squinted “THERE’S A CRANE!!!!!”

… and there was.

My Hallmark moment – gone.
Well… there will be more – right?

We trudge through the throngs of people up towards the castle as I want to ride the Prince Charming carousel. This is an iconic ride to me, something that HAS to be done 😀 … but first of all, we have to watch this wee show that’s on… there’s Mickey – AND – Princesses… 😉
… so we did, and we did.But only after we explored the area UNDER the castle and the beautiful mosaics!!
What a hidden gem THEY are. Bean couldn’t stop touching and looking at them. Beautiful.

And… then!!! I got to ride the carousel.

And we played tourist with the Sword in the Stone sword.

Next… “it’s a small world”. Mum had demanded (yah, she’d pretty much DEMANDED) that we do NOT attempt to go on that ride with her. So, now was the time, before she got arrived.

And you know what? It wasn’t THAT bad. For all Mum and Le Bro complained about it – it was a sweet harmless little ride.
… and the song didn’t stick with me all day, and Bean loved it 😀

By this point though… it was heading towards the noon hour, and I figured Mum would be arriving at 2:30pm-ish – so we should head back for that mandatory nap.

… the naps? NEVER HAPPENED. EVER. Not at all.

Anyhoo, on the way back to the room we stopped at the cafe and grabbed some lunch for takeaway. I couldn’t resist a Mickey cupcake 😀
Back at the room, some “Mickey magic” had happened. There were towel animals in our room… Bean surmised that Mickey had been here “Pesky Mickey” 🙂 (nothing to do with the $5 tip we left in an envelope then, on purpose, hoping that this “Mickey Magic” would happen? 🙂  hehehehehehe)

Meeting Mum? Almost never happened. Despite the people at the check-in desk assuring us that we would be notified when Mum checked in, and that it wouldn’t be a problem to call done and find out where she is – NOONE WOULD DO IT.
We were neither notified nor given information about Mum. ONE call? I was told “Yes she’s checked in – unless you did it for her” … eh? What help is THAT? ANYHOO.
After 30-40 mins of heartpumping worry… Mum was checked in, but where was she? Did we get the adjoining rooms? Who knows? FINALLY… we found each other… wheil poor Scott had trudged BACK to the check-in lobby to speak to someone else. Just as well – because that person forwarded Scott to OUR room phone… egads.

ANYHOO… we had fastpass reservations, no time for lengthy reunions… we have to be off, and now we’re late.
We hoofed it down for the bus, and back to Magic Kingdom.
This time – I got my shot of the castle sans crane 😀 😀


HOORAH!!! 😀 😀 … and even Bean looked happier as she took off running down Main St.

First up was our fastpass to meet CInderella & Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty). This is it.
This is it.
Her first character meeting… how would it be? Would she play shy? Would she baulk?
THIS is what we came here for.
This is the BIG DEAL!

Was it anything to worry about?
NOPE!!! She patiently waited her turn, making sure that her autograph book was open at a blank page, ready to receive its first Princess signature… Sharpie in hand and away she went. Cinderella and her exchanged a pleasantries about her birthday and what age she was 🙂 Bean just raised one hand as an answer – poor lamb – she was quite star struck!!!
… hugs and waves goodbye, and then she’s waiting to meet Princess Aurora. Same again, bravely steps forward, but is then in quiet awe of her idol.
Princess Aurora was a little quick and colder than Cinderella (and certainly no Snow White)… but whatever… Bean was happy.

As we exit via the gift shop – a cast members sprinkles Bean with some pixie dust 😉

ONWARDS!!! … We have Enchanted Tales with Belle to get to… another fastpass selection.
But we were early… 😛 oops.
So we hung out and waited… tum-tee-tum…

… and then we went into Maurice’s workshop.
As I’m snapping photos, I’m reprimanded for using my flash… oooppss… sorry… *eep*
… and we enter into the foyer and there is a cast member with the wardrobe. They’re setting the scene and asking for volunteers – without prompting, Bean volunteers and is picked for the part of Chip (and very well, I may add, remaining in character for longer than the other kids 😉 hehehehe)… and we enter the library… the cast members introduce one of my favourites – LUMIERE!!!!
(VERY well done too, I thought)… and then we all wait to surprise Belle.
… and the tale begins.
Part are played, beast roared, dance was had 😀
It was lovely.
Belle then posed for photos – but would not sign autographs – cue pout from Bean. We asked a cast member, she advised that Belle doesn’t do autographs and doesn’t make any other appearances in Magic Kingdom. Crap. I asked “Where else can I meet Belle?” … cast member replied that “She’s sometimes in France…” … “At Epcot?” … “Yes” ….  “and we will be able to meet her and get her autograph?” … “You’ll be lucky” was her reply.
We were TOTALLY bummed out. One, no signature. Two, BAD ATTITUDE Ms CastMember.

We will not be beaten… ONWARDS!!! We have reservations to meet Ariel at her Grotto… and off we went.
Ariel was lovely, and this time – having met 3 of her stars – Bean was more relaxed… and Ariel was engaging. They talked hair, and birthdays 🙂 Bean sitting beside her and completely focussed… 🙂 It was fab.

Then… we realised “we were done”, the night was ours… and Bean was NAGGING to go back to the Princess Fairytale Hall thing – as she’d spotted that Rapunzel was there.

But first… dinner… and we went to the Pinocchio VIllage Haus.
Bean order pizza, again… 😉 while I ordered the Caprese Flatbread (delicious!) and I think Mum went for the chicken nuggets, and Scott the meatball sub (I think).

ONWARDS!!! 😀 hehehehe…

We got to the Princess meeting hall, and used one of our freebie fastpasses to get in.
And oh my!!! 😀 What a difference these ladies were compared to Cinderella and Princess Aurora.
Snow White. She was, without a doubt, the best Princess. “Oh my!!! Well, look at you!!!” she instantly made it all about the little girl (or girls, there were triplets ahead of us – they were darling to watch 😀 ) … and she came down to the kids’ level, sitting on the floor with them, engaging with them… we LOVED Snow White. Same applied with Bean – she was engaging, warm – a dream come true. Spent some real, proper time with her, it was lovely.
Rapunzel was completely warm and welcoming too, engaging in chitchat with Bean (who is now well practised in making sure that her book is open at a blank page, and she has her sharpie in hand)… fabulous. On a par with Ariel she was. She was no Snow White – but she was still GOOD.


ONWARDS!!! I wanted to go and ride those blasted teacups. Another iconic ride. I had dreamed of riding those teacups. This was definitely more for me than anyone else I think.
So via a little frolic at Mr Saunders’ house, we went to the Alice teacup ride… 🙂 HOORAH!!!
… Bean watched as we queued and she was OK with this.
We all clambered into one… and we’re off.
With Scott at the wheel? It lasted 3 seconds before I looked at Bean. She was pale and silent.
Scott killed the teacup ride.


He slowed it down, and Bean regained herself… but it was done.

We exited and went on a looksee to see what else we could find…

Grangran and Bean rode the Dumbo ride, and then we all went on BARNSTORMER – twice!!
We had no option, the chap at the lever said “Want to ride again?” … and off we all went 🙂 hehehehe.
It was fun!!!! We enjoyed it.

Then we took some photos, and Bean spotted the soaking/water/play area – and she got soaked.
So then we went to a store as someone needed a dry t-shirt… 😉

Then we headed back to the castle for a spot to watch the Wishes fireworks from… and on the way… we spotted that there was a small queue to meet Tinkerbell… 🙂  so in we went… via our 2nd free fastpass of the day… 🙂  Bean wasn’t too keen with Terence – NOT HIS FAULT – he was fabulous and totally in the Terence Zone… Bean just didn’t dig him, she was getting tired… it had been a big day!!! … even while meeting Tinkerbell, Bean was subdued… I could see the exhaustion was hitting her.

After the quick meet and greet, it was back to finding our spot for the fireworks…

They were beautiful!!!! … and I wonder how many people appreciate the story… the message…

… and I wondered how many people appreciated all the tiny details that are throughout the park… I hoped they did.

… We all thoroughly enjoyed them… and were thrilled that we were at a spot to see Tinkerbell!!! We saw her 😀

But then… it was definitely hometime… no more walking, no more magicband gambles… (sometimes it’d charge, sometimes it wouldn’t… sometimes it would say I was “OVER LIMIT”?!?!?! embarrassing.) Urgh.

No… time to dawdle home to our perfectly CHILLED bedroom, cool cotton sheets, and soft pillows…

Off to ride the happy bus back to the resort…