Summer 2012 – Part Dos – a.

So… picking up from yesterday, my search for frugal (or “equal to the cost of camping in the States”) campsites failed.
I had to “suck it up, buttercup!” as they say – and pony up the dough.

I worked out that with our measly vacation time – we could manage ONE week away, and 3 weekends (inc one long weekend).

Now, my criteria for camp-sites are simple.

  1. Peace and quiet
  2. Near water
  3. Must have trees
  4. Be shaded
  5. Have at least pit toilets (or as we like to call ’em “Drop ‘n’ Plops 🙂 … wait, you didn’t come here for a sophistocated read, did you?)
  6. Be near trails.
  7. Be within a 3 hour drive
I solicited the advice of my local knitmob, and ideas came a-floodin’. Unfortunately, most were outwith my commute limit – or were too busy. I wanted to maximise the amount of campage that we would have, but didn’t want to camp on our doorstep. We’ve tried that before, and really, it doesn’t go too well – first sign of a FWP and we flounce back home for pizza and TV.
Too busy? Yes, it’s a problem for me. I don’t want a site with a bowling alley, or a swimming pool, or 50/50 tickets, etc.
Really, I just want a piece of land with some trees, near some water (or waterfalls – I’m a sucker for waterfalls).
Anyhoo, an itinerary was borne.
Camp #1 – Bass Lake Provincial Park (first week of June)
Camp #2 – Saugeen Bluffs Conservation Area (early July)
Camp #3 – The Pinery (early August)
Camp #4 – Backus Conservation Area (end of August)
Most sites were bookable online – HOORAH!!! and in a stroke of genius – the campsite reservation site contains many photos of each site, and descriptions.
I thought that this would be a WIN:WIN situation.
I’m still on the fence.
For instance:

On-Site Vehicle Parking: 2
Off-Site Vehicle Parking: 2
Site Shade: Partial Shade
Fire Pit Location: Middle Left
Adjacent To: Wetland/Marsh
Ground Cover: Grass, Soil
Pullthru: Yes
Pad Slope: Slight
Quality: Good
Privacy: Average”
This is the description of our site at Bass Lake.
Privacy? Was POOR. Exceptionally poor. The site is flanked by roads on 2 sides, and on a 3rd side? People were parking to picnic or visit the dock on the lake. There was also a trailway on the other side of the road. I don’t want to wave at every Tom, Dick, and Harry as they stroll past. I’m sorry. Wait, no I’m not! I’m on vacation!!!!!
Groundcover? Was not grass. It was rocky and muddy.
Next time we’re at Bass Lake? We’re camping in #82 😉 We scoped it out while we were there, far better site for us 😀 We did like the campsite – there were trails to explore, and things to see and do in the vicinity. And… hubbie really enjoyed the fishing. If a 3 year old can catch a fish? The fishing is good!! And once the Weekend Warriors departed on Sunday afternoon? We had the place to ourselves Sunday evening thru to Friday evening.
Here’s my favourite photo from our trip to Bass Lake. It’s our Daughter, aged 3.75 – fishing.

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