Why social media DOESN’T suck…

… today. 


But it may well suck tomorrow. 


I thought I should also talk about why I am on FB, because I realise it would be easy to say “WELL! If FB sucks THAT much – leave!” … well. No. No I won’t… and it’s quite simply because the friends that reciprocate the effort that I put out there into the universe, are worth it. 

These are the people who respond to jokes, and posts about the weather, and debate zombies – without getting their knickers in a twist and being all passive-aggressive. These are the people that I can email and say “Hey! Wanna hit up Maple Town?” … and I’ll at least get a YEAH or a NEIGH. The email or IM is not just ignored. 

It’s a two way street. 

And some friendships on Facebook are the delightfully painted mural on the arse end of the flat iron building on that street. 
Yes, it’s pretty and it looks to be of substance – but really? It’s fake and paper thin, and doesn’t stand up to abrasion. Abrasions like – LIFE, death, births, birthdays. 
A friendship isn’t retained by simply dropping someone a bulk message “HAPPY CHRISTMAS” – no. 
A friendship is meeting in that 2 way street and knowing what to say. Knowing that all is cool. All is well. Even if that meeting is on email. Or just responding to an email. 
A friendship isn’t sustained by “LIKING” a photo. 
I think most reasonable people would agree, that having to actively stalk someone on social media is NOT how a friendship stays the distance. 

… but I digress – why doesn’t FB suck? Because it DOES allow me to keep in touch with those that care enough to keep in touch with me. There the two way street has no fake façades  it’s strong, and it endures. 

… another reason that social media doesn’t suck – is because I met some of the finest people I know because of it. MySpace, FB groups, Rav. They all acted as the conduit for us to meet and tentatively get to know one another. 

Facebook also allows me to connect with people and groups related to my hobbies and interests; locavore, gardening, fibre related hobbies – spinning, knitting, etc.  – and it’s a valuable resource for these things. Recipes, ideas, patterns, sharing 😀 Non-suckage. 

So there. The flipside to flakey fakey friendships is friendships of longevity and valuable craft and hobby resources 😀

But I still like postcards … 🙂 

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