World, shut your mouth.

There is an article being bandied about the internet right now – a letter from a child to a mum, and it becomes an article on body image and how we present ourselves. 

It isn’t an article about weight, about diet and exercise, it’s about how we describe and present ourselves – it’s about a mother trying to ensure that her daughter has a positive image of herself and her. 
God forbid that the mother may hope that her child may have more self esteem and respect for herself than she did… 

I so wanted to like this, I read it – I was moved to misty eyed-ness… I thought of how I may be “mis-representing” myself to Bean, how my parents treated me for being a little chubby (at the time), and I wondered if Bean thinks that I’m beautiful …

What a lovely peice… 

…. and then I read the comments… and the hate… and the anger… and the hate… and it’s all directed towards people who are not a twiglet… and I’m reminded that that hate is real life. 

But it was nice, for a few minutes, to feel beautiful, and to feel like perhaps the world isn’t so shitty.

Why can’t people just let others be. 
WHY the heck is there always so much f’ing judgement over style, weight, lifestyle, possessions? 

Why can’t we all just leave each other alone… 

We have a book for my DD – a friend’s daughter read it in school – Have you filled a bucket today

We could all learn a lot from that book.

6 Responses to World, shut your mouth.

  1. Mandyz says:

    This is my favourite ode to mothers of all shapes and sizes:


    • latomate74 says:

      Is it dusty in here?

      … you know, I’ve always noticed that video at the bottom of your blog – and I thought it was “another Dove ad”, so I never clicked.

      It’s lovely… I regret not clicking sooner.

  2. zerocattle says:

    Dude, never read the comments, ye gods. There are a considerable number of malcontents out there being asinine. Fuck ’em.

  3. zerocattle says:

    I meant to add, as well, that the world is pretty great in many ways. But we need to find the people who want to build us up and help us grow and learn and be supportive to still others. And we need to categorically avoid the people who tear down out of their own fear (unless they are learning to not be that way, because, really, everyone can grow and change)!

    You ARE beautiful. Absolutely without a doubt. Beauty isn’t a single characteristic. It’s the whole person.

    Hate isn’t real life. Hate is fear. Anger is fear. Hate is on the outside of real life yelling that real life is all wrong. 🙂

    When you can see that hate and anger from others is fear, it changes how you feel about the people spouting it. It takes the sting out of their comments, because you can hear that they fear being themselves (for they won’t be loved), they fear illness (for they won’t be supported through it), they fear change/differences.

    For myself, when I realize that I am afraid of, I lose the anger and fear. Sometimes it takes me a long time to work it out, but in other cases, it comes pretty quickly, thankfully. 🙂

    • latomate74 says:

      I know there’s good in the world, I just wish there was MORE!!! MORE AWESOMENESS!!! and less crap. Less judgement. MORE SUPPORT!!!! Less non-constructive-criticism.

      … and I can see that. That hate comes from fear. I dunno if anger does. I’ve been angry at things that I’m not afraid of – (see Dad’s death) but hate… yah. I can see how that comes from fear… from insecurity…

      I’ll work on that idea.

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