Tortillas… they make me happy…

… they make me smile!!!

So. Let’s backtrack a couple of days. 

On Friday of last week, I made yoghurt – or so I thought. 
I actually incubated the milk & starter at a far higher temp than I should have (as I’m still learning how to incubate with the slow cooker) and the end the result was very thick lump of yoghurty smelling awesome in a Mason jar. 
So I strained it… and what was left was beautiful yoghurt cheese. Delish. A mild spreadable white cheese. Nom. We all agreed that it was QUITE tasty. 

But what can I do with it? It was meant to be yoghurt for my granola & blueberries.


I think I want to make tortillas. Bean likes wraps with cream-cheese. I could make wraps, and use MY cheese.

While I was grocery shopping at the weekend, I decided to pick up some corn flour
This isn’t like the cornflour I grew up with – which is called corn starch over here – it looks like very fine corn meal (another “new” ingredient since immigrating).
The instructions on the back seemed simple enough – add water, mix to play-dough type dough, squash, and fry in frying pan.

I don’t have a tortilla press, but I have a rolling pin – and I just bought DD her first rolling pin at the weekend. 
After school, we set about making tortillas. 

It was fun, and easy! and tasty! I think DD ate half of her tortillas as I was tipping them from the frying pan – which she make small and heart shaped. It was so easy and fun, I think we need a tortilla press. 

My DD, while not extraordinarily picky, doesn’t seem keen on sandwiches – and has always preferred wraps, pita breads, even rice paper wraps, to a bread sandwich. 
Making our own tortillas will fill her carb quota, and be more cost effective 😀 😀 

My head is already spinning with ideas on how to add some flavour and nutrition to the tortillas. For instance – the batch we made yesterday? I used the whey from the yoghurt cheese – adding a wee dash of extra protein. 

… and my heart is full 😀 I just sent my kid to school with a lunch that included home-made tortillas with home-made cheese. 
Yah, I’m feeling mighty smug right about now 🙂 
Je m’excuse.

… tonight? I think we’ll make some ground beef (Bean likes to feed the hopper in the meat grinder) and I’ll make some faux chilli. I call it faux as my family as anti-spicy. 
Then we can make a soft tacos style supper – I have lettuce, cucumber, my home-made soft cheese in place of sour cream, and cheddar 😀 
… I also want to make some granola. 
I bought the ingredients at the weekend for what *I* think could make an awesome breakfast granola. 
Large non-processed oats, local honey, flax meal, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, crystallized ginger, slivered almonds, and golden raisins. 

… I also have to start the third part of Bean’s end of year gifts for her teachers 😀 

… I have NO idea what I’m doing – but I think it should taste delicious. 

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