That was the week that was…

… BUSY!!!!!

SO busy.

We’re working hard on our crafts for teachers (we being Bean and I), and Bean also had her last games and hotdog day for Blastball. 
We also had a dinner/playdate, blood tests, birthday parties, swimming lessons for the wee yin, groceries, trip to the cinema to see Equestria Girls, Sunday service, and then the potluck picnic afterwards… and then… this week started, and this is another doozy!!!

This morning has been filled medical appointments for me. Bloodwork, pap, ultrasound… and then SURPRISE!!! more bloodwork. 

Seems that the low haemoglobin that I was diagnosed with while pregnant wasn’t a “pregnancy thing”. 


Like… mine was 82, and normal levels for a women are 120. 

Symptoms include: 
 – pale skin
 – irritability
 – lack of energy
 – rapid heartbeat when exercising/being active
 – shortness of breath when exercising/being active
 – fatigue. 

um. check, check, check, check, and check… 😛 did I miss one? CHECK!!!!
… and these symptoms are rampant when Aunt Flo is in town. 
I was beginning to think I was peri-menopausal… 

… also, my hormones are fine. 

So extra blood work is being done to see if my iron count is low, and how my folic acid is, and Vitamin B12. All related, seemingly. 

A quick google of remedies seems to be eat more meat, vitamin C, and bananas. The latter, I can’t do – I’m allergic – but I’m sure Scott won’t complain if we’re having steak every night again (like during my pregnancy).

Next on the Kid 2.0 list is our appointment with the clinic on July 18th. 
Nothing more we can do until then… well… perhaps DTD. But that’s it. 

Tonight, we have to finish our crafts for teachers and we HAVE to go and get our PR Card photos taken. 
And I’m on-call. 
But we’re all off on Friday, so we’re heading to Galvin Bay campsite nr Peterborough – and I plan on checking out the Petroglyphs Provincial Park. 


3 Responses to That was the week that was…

  1. zerocattle says:

    Yay hormones are fine! Yay to finding out anemia is an issue — I’m very familiar with it. I don’t store iron or B12 very well, and apparently they get more difficult to store as you get older as well, so I take supplements the week prior to menstruating and sometimes between cycles if I’m more stressed than usual (stress also eats these things, and then you can’t cope as well, so you get more stressed, cycle cycle cycle).

    Bananas is a surprise, hadn’t heard that one before for iron being low. Didn’t know you were allergic!

    Yay camping!

    Next time we’re in Pbo I should take the boys to the PPP — let me know if you enjoy it!

    • latomate74 says:

      Yah… and now I can perhaps do something about it!!! 😀 😀

      But yup… I am intolerant to bananas. Which is a huge shame, as I LOVE bananas.
      But yah, it’s a more common allergy than I thought…

      … just hope the rain stays away when we’re putting the tent up!

  2. corntea says:

    I wonder if potassium helps at all. Maybe find something else that is high in pottasium.

    Have fun camping.

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