Campsite review -Galvin Bay Resort

… I don’t know how we do it.
But we seem to find all the awful sites for camping…

… I don’t want much, just privacy and some peace.

Our latest camping adventure was to Galvin Bay.
I was optimistic.

I was a fool.

Over the phone, I asked if the sites were private, shaded, and away from traffic. We have a young family, we like to play games – I don’t want to have to worry about DD running into any sort of traffic. We also are not fans of direct sunlight – so I REALLY appreciate shade.
Was told that they were all this.

So we reserved a tent site.

When we arrived, we were told that there were 2 spaces left “Take your pick”.

The first was on a 45 degree angled slope.
No thank you.
I am not kidding here. It was a disgustingly steep slope. How anyone would be expected to pitch a tent on it, and cook – sleep – even sit in a chair and read? I have no idea.

The second was still on a slope, but less so. Still enough of a gradient though that trying to cook on the picnic table with a gas stove was impossible. Pans sliding, contents, spilling. VERY frustrating. We moved the picnic table 3 times – no joy.
The site is also by no means private, with a row of RVs staring down on us; and it was completely adjacent to the road through the site. Not suitable for anyone with a young family. The traffic was a potential hazard.

Lastly, and most upsetting, was the flood.
Woke at 7am and looked out of the tent – there was a STREAM passes INCHES from the door.
The water appeared to be coming up out of the ground.
When we approached the owner later he nodded “Yes, it’s the overflow” … “But it almost flooded our tent” … “But it didn’t, did it?” … “That’s beside the point. It didn’t flood through good luck , not good management!!!! Why would you put a tent on a site that floods?” … he walked away.

He didn’t care.

I would NOT recommend this “resort” to tent campers.

No sir.

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