Things we did – Buckhorn edition

Recently we camped near Peterborough because I’ve always wanted to see the Petroglyphs since learning about them via pictographs when we were at Bon Echo PP in 2007.

Mission Accomplished.
LOVED Petroglyphs PP.
Quiet, serene, you’re always reminded that this is a sacred place, a place of worship…

Walking through the Learning Centre was educational and interesting, perhaps not for a 4.5 year old – there was a LOT of reading – but I enjoyed reading about the Ojibway and their beliefs, and we watched a short film about them and the Teaching Rocks also.
So much made sense and called to me as ideals that are very relevant to today’s modern living.
We absolutely SHOULD be living more in harmony with Mother Earth.

I loved the stories behind the animal totems… we all liked the idea of the thunderbird 🙂
Loved reading about sage and sweetgrass… and how women are the great creators… bringing life into this world, nurturing life through cooking and farming… LOVE IT!

… and then it was onto the site of the petroglyphs themselves… huge modern building encasing this sacred place.
It was quiet, like a library, and we stared at the rock – I noticed that there were a few for fertility… 😉

Bean wasn’t so engaged as we were – but she behaved… she did the crayon rubbings of some of the petroglyph casts.

The trails around the park were lovely – but we were chased away by the giant sized mosquitoes. They were the largest mossies we’d ever experienced.

In our newsletter for the PP, there was an advert for Princess Sodalite Mines – YEAH! Let’s go!
So on the Sunday we went to visit the Princess Sodalite Mines – and WOW. What a disappointment.
We arrived, toured the store, and then asked the owner about getting into the mine.
He refused us.
“Not with those, you can’t wear crocs or open sandals” … I look at our feet – only hubbie is completely open toed… “We didn’t know. Can the wee lass and I go in?” … “NO!!!! I said.. no crocs or open toes” … “She doesn’t have open… ” … “SHE HAS OPEN HEELS!!!” he rants (and for the record? I was wearing running shoes) … he starts ranting at US about how it’s “ALWAYS BEEN THE WAY” … bringing out an old ring binder and flipping to a page and showing us… “We’ve never been here before – how would I have ever seen this binder?!?!?” I tried to argue … eventually, I snapped (a little) “Look! It does NOT say that in your advert. There is NO mention of footwear requirements.  We just drove over an hour to get here – can we sign something?” … “NO!!” and he starts ranting a-new… so we just turned and left him, mid-rant.

… and we drive the extra hour to visit an old favourite. I’d promised my DD that she would be hunting for treasure – we were going to hunt for treasures!!!!

In 2009 we were staying at a yurt nr Killaloe, and we visited the Beryl pit near Quadeville. We spent an awesome afternoon there, rummaging about in the slag heaps – not realising that the “good stuff” was just over there…

… We get to Quadeville, DH signs the waiver to say we won’t sue for stubbed toes, and we’re off to drive the 2.2km to the pit.
… and we had a great time. A couple were just leaving as we arrived “There’s some good stuff in the blast zone” … we were NOT missing the blast zone this time… 😉

DD enjoyed rummaging, the bugs weren’t too bad 🙂 and we came across with some fabulous peices of quartz (white, mostly – and some smoky), and we continued our hunt for the elusive garnet.
We didn’t find any this time, but DD did find a chunk of fluorite 😀 Score!!!

Monday, we spent far too long on the side of the 115 with a flat tire.

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