Campsite review – Woodland RV, St. Williams ON

Another long weekend, another bust of a campsite. Hubbie and I have pinkie-promised that we’re “never camping in Ontario again!!!!” (unless it’s at Bass Lake or the Pinery).

So… what happened this time?
Well… long story short – we were planning on heading for the border – but small one’s passport has expired so that put the brakes on THAT plan.
“Let’s head for Long Point”
I check online, and although all the “online reservable” sites are booked up – there are still some green sites. Green for GO! right?
I’d heard that provincial parks leave some sites free for “first come first served” on the day.
HA! HA! We’ll be golden then. I checked Long Point, Turkey Point, Selkirk, Port Burwell. ALL had green sites before we left. SORTED.
We drove the 2 hours to get there… and lo… fully booked.
WHAT? (to quote my DD)
We called the others. FULLY. BOOKED.
We knew of conservation areas, and were NOT wanting to call Backus Cons, but fell upon Woodland RV.
The signs screamed at us that they were family friendly, quiet, courteous. So we believed them.


Another awful – not for us – campsite; and hubbie and I have pinky-promised NEVER to camp in Ontario AGAIN (unless it’s at the Pinery or Bass Lake)…
Here’s the review I left on google+ for Woodland RV:


NOT recommended if you’re looking for a QUIET family orientated stay – especially if you’re a tent camper.We were placed next to the sludge and mosquito infested “creek”, a spot not even on their map, immediately next to visitor parking and charged $35 a night.
The slope was generous; cooking and sleeping on the ground required new skills.
But oy! The smell and the bugs from the creek. No amount of mosquito repellents kept the bugs away… we accumulated bites to the dozen during our 3 night stay.
Foul.Although signs scream at you to “keep quiet” and “turn off music at 11pm” – we never witnessed this level of courtesy from our fellow campers (in their RVs/trailers) and the music played well past the midnight hour.
When we attempted to complain to the owners, we were told “Yeah, you’re in a noisy part of the site” … and the rules don’t apply there? What nonsense.

From their own rules: #8 – “This is a family campground – use of profane language is strictly prohibited.” – and yet we were kept awake by shouted, heated, arguments – whooping, hollering – WELL into the wee hours. Just because music stopped, didn’t mean that the noise level lessened much. The only time it was quiet was after 4am. Why 4am? Because that’s when the visitors revved up their trucks to leave.
Did I mention that we were 4 foot from the visitor parking?
Wait… there’s a rule for these events: #3 – Quiet time is 11:00 p.m. til 8:00 a.m. (Radios off) Your visitors must leave by 11:00 p.m. unless registered for overnight. No exterior generators or power equipment.

Oh, but then we were awake again at 5pm we were awake by the sound of a dog wandering the campsite and barking.
Let’s check rule #6 “PET MUST BE ON A LEASH and under control at all times” Awful. I will grant them that their facilities were clean and orderly – but clearly – they should stick to the type of clientèle that they know best – and that is NOT tent campers who want some peace and quiet in a family-friendly atmosphere – when we checked to see where there were other tent campers – we found them next to the dumping ground, and not to the main toilet block/gamesroom. Utterly disappointing time.

One final rule.
“If you have a particular problem (or suggestion), we will be pleased to discuss it with you because we want your stay here to be pleasant, restfull and enjoyable. Your co-operation will help us to help you have a HAPPY, HEALTHY… SAFE VACATION!”
– pleased to discuss? no. Restfull (sic) stay? no. HAPPY? No. – as mentioned – the owners were NOT willing to speak to us about the issues that we had.
So… we won’t be back, and I wouldn’t encourage other tent campers or people who want a QUIET, PLEASANT, RESTFUL stay to visit.

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