Science of Happiness

Science of Happiness

A dear old friend c. 1998 rather beautifully tagged me (and the husbeast) in a Facebook post about the Science of Happiness, and how acknowledging people, thanking those who who have been influential in our lives, brings the most happiness to us.
(*MWAH!!!!* back atcha babe 😀 :D)

There’s even a paper from science about it that I believe is the basis of the Science of Happiness project.

So … thought provoking thoughtfulness for a Thursday indeed … Who would YOU thank?

… there are a few awesome people of awesomeness in my life… and there are some people who helped instigate change, are the ones who sometimes had the briefest of moments with. The smallest of encounters that can change a life. Those intrigue me. They will never know how much their words or actions affected me, I have no way of finding them… believe me – for a few – I have tried. 
That isn’t to say that my life is not without inspiration, supportive, creative, nurturing people. 
There are the constant companions, the sounding boards, the people I know I can ping with a smutty cartoon or a rant about life. 
There are the chums who inspire me… spiritually, mentally, physically, creatively. 
There are the people who have been important “at THAT time” who then departed my life and moved on with their own. They played their part, and then they moved on. Sometimes, that makes me sad that they’re no longer part of my life – sometimes I know that it happened for a reason. 
There are the fleeting momentary ships that pass through my life, some have had a profound lasting effect on my life.

People come into our lives for a reason, a season, or life.

For those who were there for a reason – I thank you. 

For the friends who were seasonal – I thank you. 

For those that are lifers – are you crazy?!?!? Get outta here you crazy loons… 🙂 But I love you, and I thank you. 


You want names? Sure… but if you think this song is about you – it may not be… 😉 😛 But I’m confident that those who KNOW that they mean or meant the world to me now, or once upon a time will instinctively know that this song is about them.
And to those that are no longer in my life and are not reading this – I’m aware of the pointlessness of this – I’m just sending positive vibes out into the universe to say “thanks”.  

Scott, Charlotte, Christine, Ian, Elizabeth, Pamela, Heather, Daniel, Paige, Nicola, Sarah, Fiona, Rebecca, Kirsty, Iain, Helen, Lisa, Jennifer, Suzaini, Teresa, Jade, Anne, Lianne, Ida, Roseanne, Deanna, Gordon, Lisa, Lesley, Mary, Richard, Jason, Mike, Matt, Keith, Alison, Clare, Rodrigo, David, Emma.

4 Responses to Science of Happiness

  1. amphora81 says:


    Lovely post babe.

    Despite our geographic difficulties you’d better be a life lady… I will need you to push me up the Inca trail in a few years 😉 ❤

  2. Suzanne says:

    Some of the people who have made profound differences in my life I barely know. Others I hold very close. Others still sustain me with their stories and connections. Life is a crazy web of connections, all valuable in different ways. *hugs*

    • latomate74 says:

      It’s the ones we barely know that intrigue me the most sometimes.
      How can they ever know the profound effect that they had on someone’s life – once.
      Or perhaps they should never know… perhaps that’s the charm.
      Much beard stroking…

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