The Great Disney Adventure – Part 3

Disney – Day 3 – Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom, I read online, is easily done in one day – because it offers “less attractions”.
When I studied the map before we left, I was checking off attractions left, right, and centre.
… really? This can be done in ONE day when the park closes at 5pm? (Yah, INORITE – 5pm!!!)

… The short and sweet answer is….

NO! <<< If you want to learn about the animals, and hit up both kid and grown up attractions. 

Which is what our aim was.
I had 3 fastpass reservations made in advance – Kali River Rapids, Everest, and the Festival of the Lion King.
Character stalking wasn’t as important on this park, as there isn’t as many to stalk – but!!! We also wanted to hit up Dinoland, and I wanted to see the Tree of Life/Discovery Island trails, the Safari, the Finding Nemo show… and … and… and…

It didn’t happen.

HOWEVER. I do feel like we hit up the main attractions.
First up was Everest – TWICE 🙂 … Hoorah for the rider swap. All 4 went in, and only 2 at a time rode, as 1 waited with Bean.
Everest was fabulous 🙂 LOVED it. I *MAY* have cackled myself hoarse as I was the one who rode it twice.

Then we wandered round to the Kali River Rapids – expecting to get soaked – but didn’t. Given how hot it was? I’d have appreciated it – BUT! our feet DID get wet, so that was a small reprieve.  Bean? Was VERY disappointed. She wanted to get SOAKED.
It was a good ride though – very fun – and again I wonder “Do people “get” the story?” …

After the rapids we began our quest for some ice. NOONE would give us just ice to put in our water bottles. I was flabbergasted. My gast, was flabbered. It was damn hot.

ANYHOO!!!… we stopped for a snack at Drinkwallah (who wouldn’t give us ice) … and then it was off to the Kilimanjaro Safari – it was nice – despite the peanut gallery infront of us who knew nothing about animals and were, at times, louder than the driver. The driver WAS knowledgeable, and cute 🙂 His overacting on the bridge was funny 😀 No lions though, but we did see ostrich, rhino (and calf), hippos, elephants, crocs, giraffe (and youngster)… it was good 😀
Then it was down to the Lion King show – I wasn’t sure what Bean would make of this – but I was hopeful – because ONE DAY I want to go as a family to see Cirque du soliel.
Bean – LOVED it.
*PHEW* She clapped and danced and was engrossed that whole time.
As we exited – we realised that we were near the meet & greet spots for some characters…. so we dashed over to meet Chip & Dale, and although the castmember JUST closed the gate for Donald – they let us up anyway. THANK YOU!!!! 😀 😀
I think Chip & Dale are Bean’s new best pals. She ADORED them… and as far as we could tell… they enjoyed her too. We didn’t feel rushed, and they were the ONLY characters to personalise their autographs “Bean we *heart* you, Love from Chip and Dale”
NAW :’-) ❤

Bean is STILL tickled pink that Donald signed her book “Donald Duck #1” … “He’s not number one… he’s number 2!!!” 🙂

Bean had ONE last quest – she wanted Minnie and Mickey’s autographs, so we headed to the Adventurer’s Outpost to find Mickey & Minnie – they were shutting up shop. It was parade time.

AW FUDGE. We’re not going to get Mickey’s signature.

There’s a parade? FUDGE! We had NO idea. Bwahahahahahahaha.

So, yah… the awesome castmember said “Stand RIGHT there to watch the parade, and we’ll sneak you in when it’s over – the parade ends right here, and Mickey & Minnie will be inside”.
So we had a great spot for the parade – which was nice!

Bean was OVERJOYED when Minnie Mouse pointed at her and blew her a kiss – she was smitten when Timon came and hi-5’d her (“He knows me!” – from the Lion King show)  – she was surprised when castmembers (upon spotting her birthday badge) shouted at her “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!” and waved, even her new best pals came to hug her 🙂 (Chip & Dale) – no doubt it was probably different guys – but given that we just saw them – Bean was a believer. “They know me too!!!” She was so wrapped up in the magic. THIS is what we came for. To see my little girl blown away; believing in things bigger than her, literally.
It was a good parade.
… and true to her word, the cast member let only 10 or so families in for a Mickey and Minnie meet & greet. Bean was dancing with excitement. She couldn’t WAIT to show Mickey and Minnie her book – “Him need to see what Donald wrote. Donald isn’t number one. That pesky duck” … she was so hilariously cute and indignant.

It was nice timing, as we had reservations a 4:45pm for Yak & Yeti restaurant.
I had the honey chicken, Mum and Scott the Mahi-Mahi special (cute story, Mum didn’t know it was fish 😀 ) … and Bean had the egg roll 🙂

Very tasty.

When we finished our meal it was after the park was closed, so we had a lovely leisurely stroll back to the bus stops – then back to the hotel for some down time in our chilled room 😉 and at the pool.

A grand day out, although rushed in parts… we were disappointed that we didn’t get to over half of the things we wanted to see.
If we go back to WDW? We’d drop Epcot, and spend the extra day at the Animal Kingdom. There is so much to see and do.

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