The Great Disney Adventure – Part 4

Disney – Day 4 – Downtown Disney


… our so-called “day off”. 
Day off from walking, and trudging, and stuff. 
A day of shopping and perhaps minigolf and swimming. 


Well. We DID shop… initially it was quiet, but then we fell into the store that houses the Bibbity Bobbity Boutique – ZOO!!!!!!! Tiny princesses everywhere!!!! … and we lost Scott more times than not. 
But we had gifts to buy a certain little birthday girl 😀 😀
It was also the ONLY day that Bean needed a stroller. Within 30 mins of arriving she said her legs hurt too much and could she sit. 
For $15 – we got a stroller. And it came in handy when Mum and I were shopping for Bean’s birthday gifts! Scott could steer Bean out of site, and with her sitting – she wasn’t able to peep inside our bags 🙂 

Not a lot to tell about this day, as it really was mostly shopping – a late lunch at T-Rex (great in theory – don’t think we’d go back… too noisy – for us grownups – and the wonky lighting in our area (ice) made the food look unappetising – none of us finished our meals), and then plans to go up in the balloon “Characters in Flight” – this was going to be the closest I ever get to a real hot air balloon… 🙂 I was going to DO this. 

… and I bailed. 


… 3 LARGE glasses of sweetened ice tea, lunch, and getting vertigo from staring UP at the tethered balloon – wobbling and swaying in the wind – turned my stomach and my resolve. 
I couldn’t. 
I couldn’t do it. 

So I let Mum, Scott, and Bean go up. I couldn’t even watch… so much vertigo. 

Seemingly – they had a great time 😀 😀 
… but even Scott knew that I wouldn’t have handled it up there with the amount of movement. 

… so after the balloon, we wandered along to Disney Quest end, and took the wee boat BACK to the beginning so we could get the bus back. 

YEAH!!! Our CHILLED room… 🙂 hehehehehe. 
… and some swimming pool time. 

No minigolf. No time!!! and we were pooped. 

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