The Great Disney Adventure – Part 5

Disney – Day 5 – Epcot

The day started early – we were pretending that this was Bean’s birthday day as this was “Dinner at Akershus” day. Dinner with the Princesses.
So, we were up and at-’em early – with Bean opening her presents from Mummy, Daddy, and Grangran. Disney, Disney, and more Disney.

The usual, dressed, headed down for breakfast, then out for our bus.
Our three reservations for the day were: Turtle Talk with Crush, Soarin’, and Test track.
We had a dinner reservation for Akershus, and HOPED to meet Belle – and perhaps Alice… 🙂

Starting our day off was an impromptu meet & greet with Pluto 🙂 Just before Bean got to meet the big dawg himself, he needed a quick pee break (it’s true) but he bounded back soon enough with seemingly renewed vigour and enthusiasm. That must have been some pee 😉 Bean was mightily amused 🙂
It never ceased to amaze me how accepting Bean was with characters that she had never seen or met before. Lots of big smiles and hugs for Pluto.
Then it was onto the “The Sea” – we had a lovely time on the Nemo ride (and thank you kind stranger for handing in my DD’s sunglasses!!!)… but Bean was disappointed with Turtle Talk with Crush. Bless her. Despite chosing to seat herself RIGHT at the front of the orange line for Turtle Talk with Crush – she didn’t get picked/spoken to. When we asked her if she raised her hand – she confessed that she didn’t… 😛 Silly lassie. We LOVED Crush though, very entertaining for the wee ones and the auld yins. After a few minutes Bean admitted that it was kinda neat, but still posted that she wasn’t chosen. Heh. 4 year olds.
We spent an hour or so afterwards just roaming around “the Sea”… watching dolphins, speaking to the turtle lady, listening to a talk on manatees… was lovely.
BUT!!! The skies were calling… we had to go and ride Soarin’… off we went.
We arrived at the building via a pitstop at the giant pretzel stand, and we realised how dated Epcot kinda is.
It needs to either embrace the 70’s cheese – or it needs to modernise.

Anyhoo! We loved Soarin’!!! Any fears I had for Bean’s enjoyment of it were quickly squashed before the ride started … as it swung us into position – she was already giggling and chatting up a storm. We’d all have gone on the ride again, but we had a princess to stalk!!
After Soarin’ we had taken the boat over to Morocco and popped into France .. we had 20 mins to wait for Belle. Bean was second in line behind “Superfan” (young man in his early 20s, alone, character stalking). Ended up standing next to a family from Scotland, so we shot the breeze while desperately wishing there was one. Belle arrived with a surly photographer, that is it with people who work with Belle? First Madam Grumpy at “Enchanted Tales” and now this wife?… :-S … heyho… Bean was enraptured, trays the main thing. Quick chitchat and photo… and of we went. Unfortunately, we missed Jasmine while waiting for Belle… but sometimes you just have to prioritise your princesses. Onwards !!! To Alice. The signage for Alice is confusing… people were lining up at 3 different spots. We recognised “Superfan” but overruled his thinking. Mistake. If we had followed him, we’d have been 2nd in line again. Note to any readers… She’s at the door, not in the gardens. After Alice, we headed back to the boat as it was almost Test Track time.
We attempted the ride swap, but failed as time ran away from Mum and DH – as I sat and people watched, I saw others come and go via the FastPass, and no sign of my family. I think it was a full 30 mins or more later that they appeared – no time. Had to get Bean changed and over to Akershus. Over to the loos, and a quick costume change into her Merida dress and sandals, with Birthday Badge… and we’re off.

I acknowledge that I seemed more excited about this than Bean – but I was excited for her, and I hoped she realised how cool this was… meeting Princesses as you’re having your birthday dinner, eating out – no less (Bean loves it when we “eat out”)…

… so… we get there, and we’re shown into a small-ish nook – it was explained that our server was a trainee – fair enough – we all have to start somewhere… the deal is explained; appetiser buffet, and then main course from the menu. We made our menu choices and get drinks (one special mermaid cup with light up straw attachment for Bean!), I checked that the birthday cake I ordered online would be delivered also… yes.

As we’re at the buffet, I hear a commotion. Initially I assume it to be because Princesses have arrived – DANG IT!!!!! … but then I realise – it’s at OUR TABLE.
We head back, and there’s a guest from another table trying to help mop up pop that’s spilled ALL OVER OUR TABLE… it’s dripping onto our seats, our bags… a full pint glass.
The trainee server apologises briefly and then he’s gone. GONE. My instinct is to reach for the autograph books – they’re irreplaceable!!!! One (different) staff member takes them from my hands, and we check – they’re OK. PHEW. Then she disappears… meanwhile… we’re left – alone. Pop still dripping everywhere, and I remember “THE CAMERA!!!!!”. I’d put the camera in the middle of the table, in readiness, to snap those perfect snaps of the perfect moment. It’s soaking. Dripping 😦 … but there’s a waiter… “Excuse me – we need more towels here” .. “Oh, of course” … and we try and move things to best clear the flood.
But now Bean is sad – she missed Cinderella… BALLS!!!!
Eventually, we managed to dry off our table and chairs and stuffs – settle – and try to eat our apps – but the Princesses are coming back… so with our DRY camera, we take photos and ooooh and ahhh…

Before we’re finished our apps, our main arrives – WHAT THE?!?!?!

… before we finished our mains – the dessert platter arrives!!!

COME ON!!!! This is ridiculous.
… and then Bean’s cake.


We were VERY rushed. VERY rushed. We weren’t able to enjoy our meal.
Which we finished… and I honestly can’t remember WHAT I ate, or if it was any good – the memories are sullied by the pop-flood and lack of assistance that we received.
Our table is cleared, and we’re ready to go… As we’re leaving, another waiter hands us an autograph book and a card for Bean. Well, thanks. That’s something at least

… especially considering when they cleared our table – they took the $8 souvenir cup.


… so we leave, and I’m reminded of the camera… it is STICKY.
But the next lineup of people are there, and we can’t get back in.


Although Bean’s experience wasn’t ruined – the grown-ups felt like ours was.


So… we shake ourselves and move on – perhaps the camera will be OK in the AM…
We have ONE last mission – I want to ride the monorail. Because I do. Because I’ve seen the Simpsons episode far too often… 😉

We considered staying for the fireworks, but were tired – a little disappointed – and I wanted to ride the monorail…

… so as dusk approached we were walking back to the transportation center, made for some really nice photos 🙂 and then we hopped/flopped onto the monorail… 

We only went round once, and then headed back to our chilled rooms – and then plopped into the pool for some fun.



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