I dream of a hobby farm… with lush green grass…

But I think my DD is against me… 

“Why don’t we move house?”, I asked.

“But I like this house”, said Bean. 

“We could live in a house in the country” I replied “with chickens and a goat and plant vegetables”.

“I don’t want that.”

“Oh” remarked I.

Bean said “That sounds like a farm”.

“What would so wrong with that?”

… “I don’t like farms”

“Of course you like farms! You love animals!!!”

… “I only like horses and dragons”

“We could keep dragons!”

… “No, dragons need to live way high up near the sky”

“I’ll build it a treehouse”

… “No… dragons needs to lay them eggs”

“The treehouse will be like a giant nest, and they can lay their eggs in it, and keep them cosy until they hatch”


… at this, there is a pause. A dramatic pause… Bean eyeballs me “No Momma!!!” she says, exasperated “BIRDS build nests, not dragons”.

… “Oh… so you’re saying no living on a farm?”

Bean sighs… 😛

I think I have my work cut out for me… 😉



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