Gluten and babies, and how the two may be related.

As you may, or may not, recall… hubbie and I were told we wouldn’t have kids (Or didn’t I share that?) – anyhoo… nutshell is – we were referred to a fertility clinic after a 3 years of trying to provide Bean with a sibling.

Something she has wanting for two years…

… the fertility clinic was one of the coldest, emptiest places and experiences I’ve ever been through.
Colder even, than a US-Canada border crossing (“Serious faces, this is a place of seriousness, not fun!”)

After tests and more tests, after Dr A *FAILING* to spot my wonky bloodwork (praise be to Dr G for helping with THAT one), we were “diagnosed” with “Idiopathic Secondary Infertility” … and after telling us bluntly that we didn’t have a chance of conceiving on our own, he pushed forward a price list for his IUI and IVF services.


No going over our bunny making history? No checking that we were ACTUALLY hitting the correct time of the month (seeing as my cycle is longer than average), no looking at nutrients, supplements, accupuncture, SOMETHING!!!!


He is in the business of making money, and he’d like to make some money.

Weeping quietly back to the car, we made a pact.

We would try for 3 more months “on our own” … and then we’d try one or 2 of Dr A’s turkey baster treatments – and then we’d call it time.
We could get a dog, and save up for a Disney Cruise.

That was in November.

In December, Dr G (after reviewing my bloodwork and my results after using supplements) asks me to try cutting back on gluten
He has this theory that I have a gluten intolerance or sensitivity. Yes, I’ve been told I have IBS – but – I don’t have the gut ache etc etc normally associated with Celiac – so he’s sure I’m not that.
He explains it to me this way:
When I have gluten, my body freaks out and my immune system attacks the places where gluten is – my gut .
This kills the finger like lining to my gut and therefore I’m unable to absorb any nutrients from my food. I’m malnourished. This is why I’m anaemic, have no folic acid, and haemoglobin is scary, dangerously, low.
THIS makes sense.
When I eat gluten – my body kills the lining of my intestine – this is why taking supplements didn’t work.

So… I went gluten free.

Did you know that a gluten sensitivity can also cause infertility?

“In people who are sensitive to gluten, the body actually attacks the lining of the intestine, damaging the gut wall and causing pain, diarrhea, constipation, and mal absorption of nutrients. The main problem with gluten intolerance or gluten allergies is that their can be a very long list of very different things – and not all of them are specific to the gut.
Abdominal pain
Ear Infections (especially chronic infections in small children)
Eczema or chronic skin irritation
Bloating and Gas
Depression and Anxiety
Diarrhea and constipation
Fatigue and weakness
Infertility and multiple miscarriage
Aching joints or overall body soreness
Weight Loss (unexplained)”


So… December, I started the gluten free journey.
In January… life went on.
In February… I started freaking out. I was late.


…. wait.



… let’s wait another week.

… OK.



I’m fcukin’ late.

I pee’d on a stick.

I’m knocked up.

I’m fcukin’ pregnant, yo.

Oh shit….

… here comes the panic….

…. oh my god… I’m pregnant… and I’m 40 this year… and we just got our life in order… we were ready to give up… we were half out of the door… oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god…. oh my god….

… can we really do this?

… wait.

We may have no option… I’m 40… I’m old. Holy crap, I could lose the baby!

Oh god. Something could be wrong.

*ALL* of these thoughts seemed to happen in a timescale of about…. oh… 4.6 seconds.

So… I registered with the KW midwives, and met with the lovely Mina, and we started the genetic testing.

So far… so good… *touchwood* (as it were).

Sprout (seemed fitting, we have a “Bean”) was a twin – Twin’s little heart gave out… but Sprout is still with us. Sprout is due at the end of October.

We wanted to wait to break the news to Bean – as much as she wants a sibling – I do NOT want her to experience loss again – ESPECIALLY – as she still misses Toby, her grangran, and now – Jo the cat (RIP Jo).

So… we waited.

Last night, after my anatomy scan – I picked up a “BIG SISTER” shirt, and watched as she sounded out the letters, and read the words.
And then…

The penny dropped.

*SHE* is going to be a big sister.

She’s quite excited. Giddy would be the right word.
… and full of chatter about how helpful she’s going to be – “I’m going to put baby brudda to bed”, “I’m going to feed baby brudda” … 🙂


Sprout is now the size of a banana from head to tooshie…

… and it’s a boy.

blue cupcake face



One Response to Gluten and babies, and how the two may be related.

  1. shera says:

    OMG I am so happy for you! Congratulations! So awesome, she looks so excited to get her little brother! ❤

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